Our bodies handle stress in many different ways. Sometimes it manifests as acne, sometimes as colitis, and other times as a carbohydrate craving. One of the wonderful aspects of yoga is its ability to teach us how to manage our stress levels. When confronted with a difficult situation we can either look at it is a threat, or a challenge. To be conscious of how we walk through our challenging situations can save our mind and body from creating not only mental stress, but also their physical manifestations.

My mother kicked me out of the house while in high school at the age of 17. My father left when I was 8, and I mostly felt anxious and unwanted for a large portion of my young adult years. Lucky for me my best friend at the age of 8 introduced me to yoga and chanting. It was really not until years later at the age of 21 that I truly embraced the science of yoga for stress management and was able to use it to begin to heal my own manifestations of stress that include diverticulosis (an inflammation of the diverticuli pockets of the colon creating pain and swelling).

I feel extremely fortunate to have learned yoga for stress relief, which is why I love teaching it to others to empower them as students. We are capable of a great deal of self-healing if we just begin to slow down and pay attention. You can find a few of my favorite yoga techniques to unwind and relieve stress using self care here.

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