A new client arrived in my studio, admittedly desperate and practically in tears. Two Thanksgivings ago she had taken a long afternoon hike afternoon, then woke up the next morning in pain. Her doctor told her not to exercise until he figured out what was wrong. A year and a half later he diagnosed her with arthritis all over her body. Despite injections and medications, she felt worse every day—everything hurt. Her pain and anxiety about her pain fed each other like a bonfire.

Our first session was spent on the basics—breath, compression, movement. Turn on the proprioceptors, turn off the nociceptors. I sent her home with what I call the “Spa Package” (the Full Body Therapy Ball Kit and Relaxation CD: Breathe In – Bliss Out) and some ab-baby homework.

She arrived for our next appointment beaming. She said she hadn’t felt this good in a year and a half. She had even used her breath to control pain during a dentist appointment!

This woman is changing her own environment for herself—cooling her pain on a global level one breath at a time.

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