A long-practicing client of mine has chronic knee pain and been diagnosed with chondromalacia (for her that means inferior, medial and lateral patella pain). She’s adapted by padding up for kneeling poses, and we have worked together diligently to address tissue imbalances around her knee joint, but to date with little success.

In one recent “non-knee” class, we rolled out the feet, tamed the traps, and focused our exercises on her upper back. When she took a child’s pose at the end of class, she looked up at me completely startled and said that her knee pain, which is usually excruciating in child’s pose, was G-O-N-E.

Maybe we hit the right combination of fascial chains (the upper back and back-of-the-knee muscles run on the same line), maybe stimulating proprioceptor-rich areas like the feet and upper back caused proprioception to override interception, maybe we just got lucky.

Whatever the reason, we’re taking it—and we’re taking the scenic route of holistic pain relief when the direct route doesn’t get us where we want to go.

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