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Heal Your Aching Pregnant Feet

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In the heat of summer months, the majority of my pregnant clients come to me with a bit of a hobble in their step and complaints about swollen ankles, and leg cramps or leg restlessness.In pregnancy, the legs, which should be our pillars of support, tend to endure a lot of strain as they are now supporting two people instead of one.This can result in a lot of wear and tear on the ankles and feet in particular, causing swelling and cramping.

So much focus is placed on the hips, pelvis and back in pregnancy – for good reason, these are areas that need to be both strengthened in order to support the weight of the baby in second and third trimester, and opened and softened in order to create optimal conditions for a safe and speedy delivery.But sometimes we forget that the two most important things that can assist us in creating strong support and strength throughout these areas are our two feet! When it comes to joints, what happens at the extremes of the body also translates proximally, or nearer to the body – so what happens in the feet affects the back and hips and vice versa.

Prevention is the best remedy, so I always recommend to my clients to start strengthening their joints early in pregnancy to prepare for the months ahead as the baby starts to grow.This preparation will significantly reduce the occurrence of swelling and cramping in those later months.A combination of stretching, strengthening and massage is the best approach for pregnancy foot pain relief. To start, I recommend yoga therapy poses such as Dandasana with Ankle Circles and Barbie Doll Feet. I’ve included the video for these poses below, and you can find more like these in 10 Minute Yoga Tune® Up Quick Fix for Feet and Ankles here.Remember that in later stages of pregnancy, some adjustments will need to be made to accommodate that beautiful belly!So in Dandasana, follow the instructions, but if need be, separate the feet hip distance apart and always make yourself as comfortable as possible by sitting on a pillow or against a wall for extra back support Hvit Outdoor Oppblåsbare telt.

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Comments (21)

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