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Heal your Heels!

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Plantar fasciitis can usually cause heel spurs or bone spurs to develop in the heel.  The way that bone spurs occur is when the bone growth extends from the heel bone or the calcaneus due to the plantar fascia being repeatedly and excessively pulled away from the heel bone.  This abnormal growth is due to calcium deposits that form when the plantar fascia is being stretched.  Overtime, this creates bony projections to form and can extend into the sensitive tissues and nerves of the foot and cause a certain amount of pain when walking.   Generally, this type of condition seems to occur in athletes who tend to put a lot of stress on their heels but also those with abnormal gait patterns.   Arthritis, a joint disorder, can also be the cause for inflammation of the plantar fascia and for heel spurs to develop.

If heel spurs are the result of plantar fasciitis, then addressing the treatment of the fasciitis first will provide some relief.  In most cases a doctor may suggest wearing a heel cup or orthotics that can allow for some cushioning and absorption of the heel when walking.  Another natural treatment option is to stretch the plantar fascia and work on the flexibility of the Achilles tendon, calf muscles and plantar fascia itself.  One way to do this is Sitting Seza, which I’ve posted below and can also be found on the Quick Fix Rx DVD.   Doing these stretches on a daily basis will provide more relief as well as mobility in your feet and ankles.

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Comments (11)

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