I am always so amazed when I teach my Yoga Tune Up® class and focus on the feet and the ankles using the YTU Ball Therapy.  So many of my students find so much relief as well as intrigue when this part of their body is focused on.  There is amazement as well as discomfort when put into Sitting Seza, and they are alarmed at how such a simple looking pose can really be so effective in providing some of the relief they needed in their feet.   Although we currently live in a culture where we tend to do a lot of sitting, we also do a lot of standing and walking in really trendy but “hurt oh so bad” shoes.  In addition, even in yoga classes, there is a lot of focus and attention placed on the feet because that is where we are moving from and the health of the feet can really tell you a lot about the health of the hips or the back.

Heel pain, whether caused by plantar fasciitis, heel spurs or other types affect an estimated 2 million Americans every year.  There are several ways to alleviate this pain that are offered commercially, but one great way is to learn how to create healing for yourself by knowing what to do with your body.  One great start is using your YTU Therapy Balls to roll out pain and discomfort in your feet. You’ll be amazed at the relief these balls can give you! I’ve included the video below, and it’s also part of the 5 Minute Quick Fix Feet and Ankles video.

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