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Help! It Hurts To Hug!

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There’s tightness in my upper back.  Maybe it’s masculine energy stuck on the right side.  Or maybe it’s feminine energy stuck on the left side.  There’s a tightness or tension between my shoulder blades. It could be repetitious unconsciousness instead of repetitious awareness (Thank you, Daniel Stewart).  There’s tightness when I breathe.   Maybe it’s… NO! Wait! It’s your rhomboids!  That’s exactly what it is.

Overworked or overstretched rhomboids can lead to scapular instability.

Two upper back muscles located between your shoulder blades are holding tight because of the way you sit, stand, walk, plank, handstand, text, etc.  Slouch means ouch, even when you’re inverted!  The rhomboid major originates at the spinous processes of T-2 to T-5 and inserts at the medial border of the scapula between the spine of the scapula and the inferior angle.  The rhomboid minor originates at the spinous processes of C-7 and T-1 and inserts at the upper portion of the medial border of the scapula, across form the spine of the scapula.  Meet your rhomboids.  Get to know your rhomboids.

Rhomboids rotate the scapula downwards, retract the scapula and elevate the scapula.

Have thin fibers that lie deep to the trapezius and superficial to the erector spinae muscles.

One rhomboid is the major, the other the minor.  The minor is located superior to the major.

Major and minor rhomboids are known flat, rectangular muscles.

Both rhomboids have fibers that run on the diagonal or oblique angle.

Overworked and over tired, these muscles need to be rolled out with YTU Therapy Balls.

Indeed, scapular instability can result if the rhomboids are not doing their job.  (no winging!)

Direct antagonists of the serratus anterior muscles?  You know it!  Your rhomboids.

Stretch the rhomboids in Reverse Crucifix. Contract the rhomboids in Standing Bridge arms.

Get real with your rhomboids using the Yoga Tune Up® Rib Rock.   Really real.  This totally uncorks tension in your upper back and improves your posture and so much more.  Ready, set, ROCK your rhomboids!

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Comments (27)

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