Stand up and fold forward.  Your lower back rounds.  Stand up, step the feet wide, point one foot sideways and lean toward that foot.  The inner thigh puts up a heavyweight fight.  If this sounds like you, hip flexor tension could be to blame.  The main hip flexor is called the iliopsoas (more ubiquitously dubbed the “psoas”), which actually comprises two sets of two muscles that spread from the lower spine, across each pelvic bone and into the upper portion of the inner thighs.

One of the best things you can do to loosen it while keeping it strong is the Psoas Spiral with a Blanket (demonstrated below).  The blanket adds a dimension of weight to the movement, so that even your abdominal muscles get a bit more of a jolt.  A student of mine suffering inner thigh pain found great relief from this goofy-but-effective exercise.

Although historical documentation suggests otherwise, if Michelangelo lay on his back on a high platform to paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, maybe this is what he did to remove pre-mural cobwebs.  Fast-forward about 500 years and find more modern applications, such as optimizing your hips and lower back for standing poses, as well as implementing a clearer path of energy between the upper and lower bodies for more efficient, all-around mobility.

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