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It’s Ok To Say “Namaste”

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The first time I took a live yoga class, at age 12 or 13, I remember hearing some strange, prayer-like, exotic word come out of my teacher’s mouth. Everyone echoed it back, and it made me uncomfortable. It didn’t stop me from going back, but I did kind of feel “left out,” as I didn’t know what they were saying, what it meant, or if it was the name of a god or other deity. Frankly, it sounded kind of religious, and I was definitely not into god-stuff at that point in my ’tweendom.

To Namaste or not to Namaste.

When my teacher told me the meaning of Namaste in yoga (“I bow to the god within you”) and how to pronounce it (Nah- Mah-Stay), it didn’t necessarily make the phrase any easier for me to embrace. But the social pressure of  “call and response” soon won me over. I attended very small classes in Santa Fe, and any non-compliant Namaste’ers would be very obvious to the teacher and other students. At first it barely rolled out of my lips, a garbled rumble of vowels with slight hiss in the middle. I had no way of knowing that a decade later, I would be the one at the front of the room offering the same salutation to my classes.

Saying Namaste

As a teacher of Yoga Tune Up®, I don’t front-load my classes with too much Sanskrit. I prefer speaking Latin and talking about body parts and bio-mechanical phenomena. So I tend to go light on the Sanskrit, especially when there are new students, because a part of me does not want them to feel intimidated by the words. Trying to get your body parts to move correctly is hard enough!

However, over the years I’ve picked up a few more definitions that have made it okay for me to say Namaste:

1. “The divine in me acknowledges the divine in you.”

2. “The sacred in me respects the sacred in you.”

3. “The light within me reflects the light within you.”

4. “Greetings.” (I really like this one!)

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[reprinted with permission from Gaiam Life.]

Comments (13)

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