During my weeklong Yoga Tune Up® Teacher Training with Jill in Hamilton, Ontario this summer, I experienced an awakening of my obliques.  I think of it as my “aha, hello obliques!” moment.

I consider myself an active person.  I go to the gym regularly, I practice yoga and do quite a bit of pilates.  Pilates and its focus on the core has helped me keep my back safe in my other activities.  When I was a child, I fell on an icy path to school and herniated my L5 disc.  Ever since then, I have had a “testy” low back.  Recently, I was diagnosed with arthritis in my hips.  For me this manifests as piriformis syndrome in my left glute, and a feeling of shortening through my left waistline.

Because of all my pilates work, I thought my core was very strong.  So when we did the Yoga Tune Up® Sidewinder pose in class I was surprised how quickly I got tired.  I was also unable to do Side Navasana.  This really surprised me.  So, now I have added Sidewinder, Jithara Parivartanasana and Side Navasana to my regular workout routine to help balance the shortness in my left waist.  I bracket these obliques poses with Megaplank as a “before and after” test.  When I retest with megaplank –  boy! Can I feel where my obliques are now!  Yoga Tune Up® shows you where you have weaknesses and helps you “fix” them, which is one of its great strengths.

After working on my abdominals, I like to stretch with Yoga Tune Up® Boomerang against the wall.  Then I finish off with a nice ball massage of my glutes.  Although I still get pain in my left glute, I no longer get the feeling of intense shortening and cramping of my left waistline.  I am confident that continued work and self massage with the balls will keep melting the fascial fuzz and will eventually decrease my glute pain.

Here’s Side Navasana, and you can find it and more like it on the 10 Minute Quick Fix for Lower back video.

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