I took up smoking, I mean sitting, when I entered grad school and my lower back was not happy. For the most part I am aware of my posture as I sit creating a healthy pelvic tilt and trying not to hunch over. However, as I recently discovered, sitting for long periods of time can create lower back pain even with good posture. With the hip flexors contracting, the QL works overtime to stabilize the lumbar spine. Adding insult to injury, the longer I sat, the more fatigued I became, inevitably allowing my upper spine to hunch over the keyboard, thus shifting my weight forward and putting even more stress on my QL.

The YTU Boomerang pose has helped me find pain relief in my lower back. Since my QL overworks as it contracts to stabilize my lumbar spine, I use boomerang to stretch my QL and encourage greater blood flow into the area. Further, I find that adding breath awareness and igniting my tubular core increases the benefits tenfold. This pose is also beneficial for those who sit with less postural integrity and instead over stretch the QL. As boomerang stretches one side of the lower back it compresses the other and this compression facilitates muscle toning with increased circulation. Whether you need stretching or toning to achieve lower back health, boomerang delivers.

P.S. If you sit in an office and would rather not lie on the floor for boomerang, take it to the wall – MAGICAL!

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