Maria had a bunion on one foot. She opted to go for surgery to remove the bunion about one year ago.   She is a professional and likes to wear high heels. She has a pair for every outfit.  Most foot problems stem from improper fitting shoes or high heels.  When barefoot, her toes are still very close together, almost as if they were squished in a pair of tight shoes without the shoes.  She still had discomfort in her foot when walking or wearing heels even though it had been almost one year post surgery.  She was in extreme pain when trying to perform any exercise with her toes in a flexed position (such as a lunge) and absolutely could not sit seza with toes flexed while practicing her yoga. She could not perform a simple task like reaching the top shelf at the supermarket on her tippy toes to get her favorite box of cereal.   Her ROM was little if any in her big toe and she absolutely could not wear any high heels.  Maria started to experience immediate relief and increased ROM in her big toe after she did the Yoga Tune Up® exercises in the Quick Fix for Feet and Ankles video.  Now she can stand on her tippy toes and sit seza for at least 1 minute without a break!  As for the heels, she compromised with a much lower heel and pays more attention to a proper fitting shoe.

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