There is one pose that I do religiously that tackles so many issues at once, it’s practically an ALL-IN-ONE Yoga Tune Up® pose. My students know that they will get one of a dozen variations of this pose in any of my classes or within the multiple sequences on the Yoga Tune Up® At-Home program. Yes, it’s just simply MAGIC how many different issues it helps: it decompresses your back, lengthens hamstrings, IT Band and calves. It also strengthens both your abdominals and your back while stretching the chest, and for an added BONUS, massages your internal organs!… And that pose is…. Leg Stretch #3.

Here is a version that is easily done against a wall or sturdy piece of furniture. It’s helpful to have a yoga strap, but you can also use a long towel or a tie instead. ENJOY!

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