I noticed Roger in my class right away. He was having a lot of trouble doing downward facing dog, unable to fully extend his elbows and bring his arms overhead.After class he came to me and asked, “Jeff, is there anything I can do to create more flexibility in my shoulders?”

I could tell this wasn’t just about yoga, but a quality of life issue – there was emotion behind it. He was feeling insecure about not being able to do what he thought a person of his age and health should be able to do. He felt pain when he moved certain ways, when he slept the wrong way, and when he lifted weights.He had been to doctors who had told him the problem was a frayed rotator cuff, which was followed by some physical therapy – but the pain never really ceased and he was looking for something else.

I took a quick look over Roger and had him go through some range of motion exercises.He said he felt a huge relief from doing Shoulder Circles which you can find in the video below. Try this rotator cuff pain relief exercise and see if this helps you to loosen the family of muscles that surround and stabilize the shoulder joint.

For more on healing shoulder pain or rotator cuff injuries, including the sequence that leads up to Shoulder Circles, watch the full Yoga Tune Up Shoulder Quickfix Video here. In addition, I’ve just posted a great article that gives even more information about Rotator Cuff injuries and shoulder pain.

Happy Healing!

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