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Posture For Pregnancy And Beyond

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At 25 weeks, my bump had not yet “popped.”

As I enter my eighth month of pregnancy, I am happy to report that I follow my own message and have had zero pain — well, except for when I dislocated my pinky toe during my 16th week! But even with an agonizingly painful toe, I managed to not create a compensation posture in my pelvis or back to make matters worse. I followed my own basic rules of posture and sprinkled in the wisdom of my peers and — knock on wood — the experiment is going great so far!

Standing posture

Let’s start with the perfect pregnancy posture for standing. This will help you avoid back pain now and other issues in the future:

1. Place feet hip-socket-width apart, toes pointed forward (like you’re wearing skis).

2. Keep your buttock muscles turned on 20 percent to stabilize your pelvis (and get a little lift to boot).

3. Angle the bottom of your ribcage down like a bony periscope targeting in on your pelvis (not thrusting forward or slouching backward).

4. Center your skull over your chest, with the back of your head pressing into an imaginary head-rest.

5. Your shoulders should not be floating forward or behind the ribcage (thus distorting the spine). Instead, keep them positioned directly under the ears and down.

29 weeks! My baby-moon in Cancun and Baby Carriage is on full display.

Believe it or not, standing well builds a lot of foundational strength in your body, and is the basis of all of your movement and exercise. As I’ve mentioned in prior blogs, your posture follows you like a shadow, and you certainly don’t want to have a “creepy” shadow while you’re carrying precious cargo. Take your strong posture into whichever exercise practice you prefer and be mindful of staying connected to the relationship of your skull, torso, low back and pelvis to maintain optimal stability.

To be continued …

I will happily be sharing my full journey with you in later blogs, along with additional pregnancy tips that have kept me healthy, strong and centered throughout my pregnancy. But for now, I need to take a nap!

[Reprinted with permission from Gaiam Life.]

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Comments (19)

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