Over my career I have worked with thousands of postpartum women who are chasing after the body they had pre-pregnancy. After one, two or several kids, a laundry list of body complaints plagues them:

  • Diastasis recti – a soft-tissue split that occurs down the middle of the rectus and does not reconnect
  • Clicking or painful SI (sacro-iliac) joints
  • Peeing while sneezing, aka, “Snissing”
  • Low back pain
  • A feeling of disconnect from the core
This bundle of joy can cause a bundle of agony if you don’t have correct posture!

This is just a short list of some of the common after-effects of child-bearing. I know from my students’ own stories that my Yoga Tune Up® approach has helped them to awaken their bodies, heal birth traumas and bring a greater sense of body peace than they had pre-pregnancy. I developed my approach through years of experimentation, study and listening to my students and experts. But I had not yet been through the rite of passage of pregnancy myself. Until now. I am expecting in late February!

Your Inner Baby Carriage

I set out to find these answers myself last November, and created a two-day webinar entitled Healthy Pregnancy, Healthy Baby: Dispelling Myths of Pre-Natal Exercise, Diet and Self-Care on CreativeLive. Being pregnant, I thought it would be the perfect time to share my own knowledge along with that of my favorite pre- and post-natal movement educators with expertise on the subject of healthy pregnancy:

  • Dr Kelly Starrett DPT and his wife Juliet, founders of Moblitywod
  • Katy Bowman, author, biomechanic and creator of Aligned and Well
  • Esther Gokhale, author, back pain specialist and creator of the Gokhale Method
  • Dr. Eden Fromberg, osteopathic Obstetrics/Gynecologist and owner ofLila Yoga NYC
  • Sarah Fragoso, author and creator of EveryDay Paleo
My lovely in-studio audience at varying stages of expecting and post-pregnancy.

This team of experts and myself each presented their area of expertise over a jaw-dropping 10 hours of informative content. I was thrilled to be able to share pain-erasing self-massage strategies using my Yoga Tune Up® Balls. I also shared hip and pelvic exercises for women at every stage of gestation or recovery. I was also proud to share an anatomy lecture on “The Inner Baby Carriage,” which included an array of breathing strategies such as a variation on the Diaphragm Vacuum that helps to promote a responsively versatile torso and core for better breath. The secret ingredient that each of these experts reiterated is: how you hold yourself now — during your pregnancy — dramatically affects the state of your post-baby body. They all emphasized standing well, sitting well, sleeping well (and of course feeding well) during pregnancy to minimize the challenge of carrying 25-50 extra pounds as baby grows larger and changes your body’s carriage. Your inner baby carriage will dictate much of your resiliency when you start carrying your baby outside of your body for the next nine months. 🙂

Check back in for Friday’s post for all my tips on having good posture during pregnancy!

[Reprinted with permission from Gaiam Life.]

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