On Wednesday I discussed the danger of the psoas major getting tight and weak due to a predominance of sagittal plane movement and long periods of sitting in our modern way of life.  You may remember that I recommended some awesome Yoga Tune Up® poses such as the Pelvic Primer and Leg Stretch Series to wake-up & strengthen those cranky psoas muscles in order to avoid or alleviate hip and lower back issues.  Here you will find a video of another great dynamic YTU pose that also works to stretch and strengthen the psoas major. In the video, Certified Yoga Tune Up® Teacher, Claiborne Davis, demonstrates the Psoas Spiral with his inspired addition of a blanket.  And, of course, don’t forget to give those adductors and abductors a little love, too, for optimum strength and stabilization of the hips, thighs, lower back and pelvic floor.

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