Since my first roll on Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Balls, I knew I ‘kneaded’ it. My soft tissues were rock solid from years of poor posture and a lack of awareness. The only time I had decent posture was while sitting at the piano – the rest of the time I was a schlumpy mess. I attempted to hold my upright piano posture at my desk, but my underused back muscles only cried “uncle” as we slumped to defeat. I was an athlete growing up, and while very active, stretching was not part of my repertoire. So, when I placed the YTU Therapy Ball into my upper trapezius, the ensuing sensation that traveled up the side of my neck and face was a clear wake up call that something needed to change. I was tired of sitting at my desk with neck pain, shoulder pain, and recurring tension headaches.

Rolling on the YTU Therapy Balls can bring great stress reduction throughout your body.

While I continue to roll daily, what I didn’t realize was that the YTU Therapy Balls do more than just fluff and rehydrate my knotty tissue. Since that fateful introduction, I diligently roll, rub, and release muscles daily from head to toe.

What I also gained, was only realized when I did not roll. In addition to rehydrating tissue, nourishing cells, and unwinding kinky fascias, the YTU Therapy Balls’ special grip also stimulates a nerve ending that lies within your superficial fascia. Ruffini endings are specialized nerve endings found in the deepest portion of superficial fascia (also known as membranous fascia) that help to down regulate the nervous system. You know how the grippiness of the balls grabs on to many layers of tissue and piles them up as you wiggle and roll? This action directly stimulates the Ruffini endings as they respond best to slow deep force at an oblique angle (grip and grab!). This is also one explanation of why you feel so relaxed when you are done rolling.

The magic of the Ruffini endings was fully realized for me after an only slightly busier than normal week. I was left depleted –wanting noting more than to curl up in bed and sleep. This was very unusual for me, and I started to think about what was different about this week from the others. And then, it hit me – rolling. I had been so busy all week that I had neglected my regular therapy ball practice.

Unless you live in a deserted place, stress is inevitable for most of us. Even the mundane daily tasks can be incredibly taxing on your nervous system. Take driving for example – you strap yourself in to a 3,500 lb tin can and barrel yourself at 65 mph around other tin cans. I may be a technologically savvy woman, but my nervous system is still operating at dawn of homosapiens levels. Even if it’s not conscious, your nervous system is constantly running under some level of stress.

Your mind, body, and nervous system need to unwind from their daily stressors. While others may choose chemicals or distractions to help unwind, I needed a more hands-on approach, and YTU Therapy Balls have provided me just that. After a good rolling session, I was ready to go. The following Monday seemed a breeze – even though my workload was no less.

What better way to unwind and recharge your nervous system than with the completely portable Therapy Balls? They are my go-to stress reducer, and are always right there when I knead them.

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