On Wednesday,  I talked about how we can be free from chronic discomfort caused by bad postural habits. Posture is not static, it’s always moving, adjusting, shifting. Given that the body is also constantly renewing itself, we are gifted countless opportunities in each moment to choose the future state of our posture and our health.

In the video below, Yoga Tune Up® founder Jill Miller instructs the Contract and Relax breathing technique. This breathing technique stabilizes your spine from all directions: from front to back and side to side, and can even provide some relief for lower back pain. Give it a go, and when you feel comfortable take it on the road! The Contract and Relax breath is safe to do regardless of the direction your spine is moving. That means when you’re folding forwards, bending backwards, or flexing/extending side to side, you can stabilize your spine with your breath.


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