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The European Workout

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When traveling, I have an agreement with myself: Walk to each destination (as much as possible) and take stairs in lieu of escalators. Sound insignificant? Try these small adjustments at the airport with luggage, or, as in my own experience, coming out of the Tribunal Metro station in Madrid and experience how quickly these little modifications become heart racing feats.

For some of us, setting up a consistent workout routine is a challenge, for others, we already have a fixed routine but, when our location or schedule changes, we allow the new environment to be our reason for throwing our movement practice out the window. Enter the “European Workout.”

Prep your soles while you satisfy your soul with some travel!
Prep your soles while you satisfy your soul with some travel!

Here, I will outline some of my Euro-inspired moves, recently “tested and approved” on a trip to London, Madrid and a short jaunt out of the EU to Marrakech, Morroco. Please take the spirit of the tips and apply them to whatever wanderlust vision you have in your future!

Let’s start with those looooong plane rides.

Cooped up in an airplane, I focus on small intrinsic muscles: Neck, hands, and feet, mobilizing/stability exercises in my seat, paired with some Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Ball rolling along my spine (standing at the back of the plane).

More ideas for self-care during travel to come on Friday!

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Comments (7)

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