The rhomboids are – wait for it – two rhomboid shaped muscles that lie between the shoulder blades.  I love anatomical terms, they tell it like it is.  Rhomboid Major and Minor connect the medial edge of the scapula to the spinous processes of the spine (those dinosaur-like nubs that stick out the back of your spine). In the complex shoulder joint, they guide retraction(adduction), elevation (think shrugging) and downward rotation of the shoulder blades.  If you read my article on cycling you will know mine live in protraction a lot of the time.  In fact, in our society of computer users and drivers, many  of us are chronically protracted, which means leads to chronic weakeness. These muscles can help up open doors, pick up bags and a ton of other daily tasks.  It’s important to keep them healthy and strong.  YTU Scapula Squeezes bring circulation into the muscle as well as focused movement.  Check out the full Yoga Tune Up® 5 Minute QuickFix for Shoulders Video for more on healthy shoulders and relieving shoulder pain.  Seriously, don’t shrug it off.

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