I lead a double life.  That may be slightly dramatic, but I work as a building contractor before slipping on the spandex on to teach or practice yoga in the evenings. During the day, I am either behind my desk or the wheel of a truck. In the evenings I am eager to get to my mat and move.  This transition was seamless in my 20s, but in the last few years, not as easy!  One of the many amazing lessons I learned from Yoga Tune Up® teacher training was taking responsibility for my own body – ALWAYS. I had unconsciously assumed that whipping in and out of demo pose or jumping in to assist a student at an awkward angle was just part of the territory. This was too much for my protesting low back and QL in particular. Using quick Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Ball sessions with targeted YTU poses like my favourite Boomerang on the floor AND staying aware of my movements on and off the mat will ensure that I can lead my double life for decades to come! (See my previous post for a video clip of lower back ball work!)

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