Theresa is a full time college student, wife, and mother of three. She has been on a positive life changing path for the past two years. Losing 92 pounds has been one of her greatest accomplishments! Theresa has also been working closely with a personal fitness trainer who has taught her how to manage food portion sizes and additionally helps her realize her cardiovascular and strength fitness potential.

Yoga Tune Up® has been an integral part of Theresa’s success!

Although Theresa had taken some gym based yoga when she joined my class, she had not been guided in meditative practices and Yoga Tune Up® alignment principles such as joint stacking. Theresa told me in spite of all of her previous training, “No one ever told me about alignment!”  Learning new yoga poses has been empowering and built her confidence.

Theresa’s hectic life in which she juggles multiple responsibilities called for an extra dose of balanced self care. In addition to the Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Ball program focusing on her tight jaw, described in the previous article, she has loved the Knee-hab work also found on this DVD. The YTU Therapy balls have beneficially counteracted the tightness Theresa has experienced in her fitness journey.

Theresa  truly is a wonderful role model for other students juggling family and work responsibilities. She has embraced the self-care practices of Yoga Tune Up®!

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