Kayla is strong and athletic: she was a gymnast and shot putter in high school. However, as we poignantly know, even the strongest young person’s life can change radically as a result of an accident.  Kayla’s car was one of five vehicles rear-ended in a chain reaction car crash.

Kayla’s recovery from a nasty car accident was helped along with YTU Therapy Balls.

Life transforms in an instant

Kayla’s cervical and thoracic spine seized and were pulled laterally, causing scoliosis. Kayla was in so much pain in her torso, she reports that “it even hurt to eat.”

Several months after the accident, following physical therapy, Kayla signed up for my yoga class. Our work with the Yoga Tune Up® therapy balls has helped her upper trapezius muscles tremendously. According to Kayla, “just  reclining and relaxing over the therapy balls on my upper back helps me where it hurts!” Additionally Kayla’s range of motion has increased from yoga. She also reports that in jithara parivartanasana she could not get her knees to the floor as the class began. In other words, she could barely perform a reclined twist. By the end of class, she had recovered full range of motion. Of course, the breath and meditative benefits of yoga have helped her manage lingering aches and pains from the accident.

Kayla reports to me that she has even shared her YTU therapy balls with her 13 year-old brother. He is a track runner and the balls have helped him with leg cramps.

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