The ROLLS Royce Collection

Yoga Tune Up Rolls Royce Starter Package
The ultimate massage ball set, the ROLLS Royce Collection includes everything a serious roller needs for myofascial release. This combo pack includes 1 pair of YTU Therapy Balls in Tote, 1 pair of Therapy Ball PLUS in Tote and 1 ALPHA Twin Set in Tote. Whether it's neck traction, spine rolls, QL, IT Band, hips, buttocks or other areas, the myofascial therapy balls in this collection fit every biomechanical nook and cranny and delivers the perfect amount of grip, grab and shear! (colors may vary).


The myofascial therapy balls included in the ROLLS Royce massage ball set offer endless opportunities for pain relief. Firstly, our original Yoga Tune Up® therapy balls are a wonderful tool for rubbing out adhesions and tension, grabbing at layers of muscle to provide effective deep tissue massage. Their convenient size makes it easier for you to directly target specific trigger points and precisely work through areas of high-tension. Measuring about 2.5 inches in diameter, YTU therapy balls are perfectly sized for bringing to school or work for on-the-go use. A bit larger than the original YTU set, the Therapy Ball PLUS self-massage balls cover more surface area while offering greater depth of pressure. Common pain conditions that can be improved with these myofascial therapy balls include sciatica & back pain, IT band syndrome, and more. The final set of balls included in the ROLLS Royce massage ball set is the ALPHA TWIN. These are fantastic for rolling out the larger masses of muscle on your body. From hips and buttocks to full spine rolls, the ALPHA TWIN therapy balls are designed to move comfortably over bony prominences. Start your journey towards pain relief and prevention today with the ROLLS Royce massage ball set from Tune Up Fitness.