Books & Accessories

The Roll Model: A Step-by-Step Guide to Erase Pain, Improve Mobility, and Live Better in Your Body by Jill Miller

The Roll Model will guide you through easy-to-perform self-massage techniques that erase pain and improve performance in whatever activities you pursue. With beautifully guided illustrations, powerful stories of self-healing and accessible anatomy explanation, this book provides targeted, systematic sequences for each body area that will empower you to become your own best self-care Roll Model.
Price: $30.00

Trail Guide to the Body by Andrew Biel

fore you can assess or treat a muscle, you first must be able to locate it. This acclaimed book delivers beautifully illustrated information for learning palpation and the musculoskeletal system. It makes mastering the essential manual therapy skills interesting, memorable and easy. With 504 pages and 1,400 illustrations covering more than 162 muscles, 206 bones, 33 ligaments and 110 bony landmarks, this text provides an invaluable map of the body. 

This book is required reading for all Yoga Tune Up and The Roll Model® Method Trainings. 
Price: $60.00

Stretch Strap - Double Loop

Stretch Strap
This unique 6' stretching strap with loops provides support for both static and dynamic stretches to help improve flexibility and go deeper into your stretch. For wholesale pricing at 24 or more physical therapy stretch straps, go here.
Price: $9.95

Relaxation Meditation CD

Relaxation Meditation CD

This 20-minute relaxation meditation CD will relax your body, calm your mind and refresh your spirit. No props necessary, just a desire to "breathe in and bliss out"! This audio CD for stress relief is an ideal "add on" to the Full Body Massage Therapy Kit!

If you would like to purchase the online audio version, please click here.

Price: $9.95

Therapy Ball Shoulder Tote

Carry all your Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Balls wherever you go in this black mesh drawstring bag. Inside is a convenient zipper pocket for cash, credit cards, cell phone (or your Coregeous Ball plug and straw!). This massage therapy ball tote bag measures 8.5" W x 12.5" H so it's roomy enough for all your Therapy Balls and other gear such as your Double Loop Stretch Strap or jump rope, yet small enough when filled to throw into your suitcase or gym bag.
Price: $9.95


If you already have some ALPHAs, this small mesh drawstring bag is just what you need as it is perfectly sized to create your own ALPHA ball TWIN tote. The contour of the ALPHA TWIN Set, coupled with the grip & grab of the balls provides shear all the way to the bone with enough coverage area for large muscle groups.
Price: $3.95