Jennifer Wende

Jen is passionate about exploration. She loves to use her discoveries to help transform and grow; creating her own extraordinary life and sharing her values to help others empower and nourish lives that are limitless. She is known for her versatility and gentle playful nature, which encourages the beauty of her work to blossom. To Jen, the most important part of thriving in life, is how to apply knowledge gained beyond the 'classroom' and into daily life. Her enthusiasm for health and wellness developed during an extended period of world travel. This particular journey supported an exploration of self-discovery and an inspiration for self-development. The results directly led her to pursue formal training as a life coach and yoga therapist in 2011. Through the process of overcoming health issues and major life changes, combined with her zest for knowledge, she continued to expand her repertoire to include Pilates, Thai massage, meditation and reiki. She believes learning never ends, and continues to study and improve her tool kit, so she can discover new and wonderful ways to help strengthen her own extraordinary life and help guide her clients to find their unique paths.

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