Evolution Series

In this new series Jill will be going back to her roots, teaching 16 different one hour original Yoga Tune Up® classes. Each class focuses on breaking down, and building into classical and neoclassical well-known Yoga Poses. Using Roll Model® balls, other traditional props and novel strength and mobility building exercises, each class will strategically sequence toward properly prepping your body for each pose. 

Jill's path to creating her Yoga Tune Up® format was spurred by seeing students strive to perform both static and dynamic poses while pushing themselves to conform to ideals of the pose shapes, rather than identifying their body’s own “best practice” within the context of asana.

  • Does Headstand deserve the title of "King of Poses" when students had neck pain? 
  • Was Downward Dog really an "easy pose" for students to rest in during long vinyasa flows? 
  • What other tools could be integrated into classes to help build anatomical competence AND help students maximize recovery? 
There are multiple physiological and biomechanical considerations when going “into a pose” which is what we’ll be exploring over the next 20 weeks, both within the classes and the live Mentor Sessions. 

Here’s how this next series of classes will unfold: 
There are four 5 week sessions starting on Thursday, February 18. During each five week session a new class is released each week for four weeks, followed by a LIVE Mentor Session on the 5th week. This continues for four cycles (16 brand new classes, 4 Mentor sessions!). Each new class is also "paired" with a recommended class from the existing replay library so you have a similarly themed set of classes to work on each week. This will further enhance the goal and learning of each new class.  And no worries if you can't make the LIVE zoom sessions as you'll get access to the recordings. 

About Yoga Tune Up®

Jill created Yoga Tune Up® more than 15 years ago while trying to help her students:

  • build proprioceptive awareness of their body parts (the Embodymap)
  • learn their own body’s language of movement by using clinical terminology and felt sense along with best practices
  • ferret out “body blind spots” - areas of overuse, misuse, abuse and body confusion

How to Attend:

The MOVE, BREATHE, ROLL: Evolution Series is included with a Platinum Unlimited Monthly Membership Subscription (which also includes unlimited replay access to the entire class library, along with past Mentor Sessions and the full "Tune Up Talks" series). You can also purchase an ‘Evolution Class Replay' Pass to any individual class, which provides 7 Day full access to that class (after it debuts for subscribers). Evolution Series Mentor Sessions are only accessible through the Platinum Monthly Membership Subscription. 

(These links will take you to an external site (Union.fit) to view classes and purchase a Subscription or  Pass)
*Drop-In Passes for Evolution Series Classes are only available AFTER each class's initial release.