How do you get over 640k followers on Instagram as a PT?

For Dr. Jen Esquer (AKA @docjenfit), movement isn’t just about “exercise,” it’s a way of life.

Dr. Jen is a top-40 physical therapy influencer. She is ranked as one of the Best Fitness Trainers on IG by Shape Magazine and has been featured in Self Magazine, Men’s Fitness, and Muscle and Fitness.

Although you will find some pretty spectacular handstands and other physical feats on Dr. Jen’s feed, her approach to fitness goes far beyond outward performance.

Her practice is to respect all the ways the body communicates… including aches, pains and illness. By listening to all the messages that come from within, and working on the timeline her body dictates, she walks the talk on holistic fitness.

“How we do one thing is how we do anything… so if I’m going to be showing up for other people [through social media], how am I showing up for myself?” States Dr. Jen.

Listen to the below interview with Tune Up Fitness® blog manager Ariel Kiley to hear Dr. Jen’s story. From childhood gymnastics, to learning calisthenics on Venice Beach during PT school, to blowing up Instagram® with her heartfelt and helpful posts, this conversation is not to be missed. To learn move about Doc Jenn visit her at

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Great insight into this woman’s journey. Loved how positive she has been along the way during the good and the hard times and how she’s taken ownership of various issues.

Sara Wang

I follow Dr. Jen on IG, all her videos are short, to the point, and easy to follow. There are a lot learn from her contents.

Priscilla Daniel

Great message. I love her content!


Yes! Wonderful interview. I enjoyed the entire segment, especially listening to the body. If we listen, our bodies do “talk” to us.


Congratulations Dr.Jen really good work and your IG so clear and illustrated. I love the way you show the Thoracic spine mobility vs stability in your post. The wall usefull sequence as well something i love it.


I love how she speaks about the signs her body was sending her and how she learned to trust on her intuition, we all must learn to trust ourselves and listen to our “internal voice” which is always telling us in which way to go and guiding us to the place we want to be. Through my life i’ve always had trouble trusting my intuition but by hearing Dr Jen on how she does it and the way she felt after following her guts I felt more secure and confident about it. Also, hearing about that ways she deals with… Read more »

Marnie Werner

I love your bit about pain, and how it’s a beautiful thing to get signals from the body letting us know there is an issue we need to pay attention to. Too many people muscle through their workouts and ignore these important signals and only make the deeper problems worse for themselves out of their desire to maintain/boost their ego. Let’s continue to “minimize the distance between unaware and aware” to live the happiest and healthiest lives we can.