Delfina Bonilla-Lopez

Tampa, FL, United States
YTU Training Type: 
Yoga Tune Up® Certification Training
Delfina is the spirited nutrition coach, movement educator, recipe developer and alternative health blogger behind alternative health/wellness information-hub, Code to Wellness

She helps people reclaim their health and thrive in their bodies using self-care systems that allow them to overcome the struggle with weight, sugar cravings, hormone imbalance, and movement related issues successfully & sustainably (a friend even recently dubbed her 'The Body Whisperer’!). 

Experience has taught her that in order to live your Code to Wellness (aka CTW), real food, movement, and mindset can't be separated from each other. Which, is why they're the 3 pillars upon which Code to Wellness is founded.

She guides clients to their CTW via her #eatmovethink method which stands for:

EAT real food. MOVE every day. THINK happy thoughts.

Here are some of the ways in which she works with clients:
  • YOGA TUNE UP®  - Delfina uses a combination of biomechanics, movement therapy, and elements of self-massage within the yogic lens to help clients overcome musculoskeletal imbalances and instill in them an intelligent mind-body practice for consistent therapeutic benefits. She empowers her clients and students to use these alignment, mobility, and stability tools to nourish their relationships with their bodies so they can remain ache, pain, and injury free. They've helped her, as well as, many clients reverse serious musculoskeletal issues and even avoid more invasive treatments, like surgery. In the words of Katy Bowman, one of her greatest movement mentors, "You are how you move."
  • REAL FOOD NUTRITION - Delfina teaches her clients how to eat real food and develops fun, easy, delicious versions of these recipes, so that overcoming the struggle with weight, sugar-addiction, and hormone imbalance is successful and SUSTAINABLE.
  • SKIN HEALTH - Delfina teaches her clients about natural skin care both from the inside out and from the outside in via real foods and natural skin care products that don't wreak havoc on their hormones and actually work! The skin is our absolute biggest organ, when something on the inside is off, it often shows up written all over our skin. It's important to know how to interpret these signs and take preventative measures.
  • MINDSET - Delfina teaches her clients to adopt a mindset that allows them to move forward and work through the challenges they're up against when it comes to food, skin health, movement, and life . Mindset counts for everything. One can have the best tools and teachers in the world, but without trusting the process and believing in oneself, all progress is blunted by standing in your own way.When she’s not in “kitchen-experimenter + food-photographer” mode, she enjoys teaching Yoga Tune Up®, playing 90’s rock covers on her acoustic guitar, and walking barefoot. She also loves to nerd-out on all things dragon, hobbit, and magical realm-related. 
Drop her a line on FacebookInstagram, or Pinterest. If you'd like more, info about working with her, you can find that here. Reach out! She's super friendly and wants to hear from you!