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Alan Gensho Florence

​Began yoga practice in 1968 in the Sivananda style taking workshops with swami Vishudevananda. Spent 71-77 at Shasta Abbey Zen Monastery, where I practiced from Light on Yoga. 1988 began study of Iyengar yoga with Lisa Schwartz a long-time student of Iyengar. Travelled to India in 1992 to study with Iyengar at Puna. Completed three-year teacher training with Lisa Schwartz in 1993. 
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Alex Iglecia, MA

Alex Iglecia, Being Epic, Thanks for being epic, Yoga Tune Up
Alex Iglecia, MA’s is a former NASA engineer and born-again Ninja turned mind-body enthusiast. He is an integrated Yoga Tune Up® Teacher and the creator of Being Epic© whose teaching and practice of meditation and movement is focused on helping people honor their greatness and feel better in their bodies. Alex has led yoga teacher trainings, taught anatomy courses, contributed to global retreats and presented mind-body techniques at business and leadership conferences. What would it be like to be the you you’re meant to be.
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Alexandra Dionne

Après de longues études universitaire en philosophie politique, la vie a mis sur mon chemin différents défis!  Passionée de partager mon savoir avec ma communauté, mes amis-es et ma famille, de transmettre un savoir qui permet de faire la différence dans la vie des gens, la profession d'entraîneur dans le monde du sport m'a interpelé à la fin de mon parcours universitaire.  
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Alexandra Ellis

Alexandra Ellis is an Integrated Yoga Tune Up® and The Roll Model® Method Teacher Trainer, RYPT-500 and founder of AE Wellness. Her teaching and studies focus on injury prevention, rehabilitation and wellness, inspired by her studies at UC Davis where she earned a BS in Exercise Biology. With a strong background and keen interest in anatomy and physiology, Alex strives to empower people to improve their health and well being through a personal movement practice and enhanced body awareness. She travels nationwide leading workshops and trainings.
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Alexandra Lariviere

La connexion avec son corps n’est pas chose d’hier, depuis 2013, Alexandra se trouve dans un processus continu de formation dans lequel elle explore les diverses possibilités du corps et de ses multiples muscles. Un passage d’une pratique de yoga Vinyasa à un yoga dit de mobilité.

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Alexandre Salomons

Core Tune-Up Class #1 at Gagne Fitness
Have been a life time athlete and I am now a natural bodybuilder with experience in strength and conditioning.  I began to run into many problems with my body as the long term negative long term effects of poor form began to take over my life.  That's when I found YTU and started to learn about movement, and I saw such a massive change in my quality of life, it became my mission to help others realize that they too can live better.  I teach YTU beginner classes, YTU advanced classes and I also do what I have coined a "YTU Meathead Mobility" class which is a class designed to dea
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Ali Bell

Since graduating from a 200 hour yoga teacher training program in 2007 (Bodhi Tree Yoga, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada) Ali has continued on as a committed yoga teacher with an active physical practice and a keen interest in the anatomy and physiology of movement.
Having been a keen follower of Jill Miller and Yoga Tune Up® since starting her journey as a yoga teacher, Ali completed the Level 1 YTU Training in October 2015 and is now also a Certified The Role Model® Method Practitioner.
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Alisa Fairbanks

Alisa was born and raised in Northeast Michigan, and relocated to Portland, Oregon in 2008. Growing up, dance was her primary movement discipline, but today, it's strength & conditioning, yoga, and other bodyweight modalities. She is a huge proponent of living, moving and eating well, and strives to continuously learn and be better in her own body, mind, and life.
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Alison Levine

Alison Belli Levine

Alison Belli Levine RYT500, RCYT, Yoga Tune Up (R) Certified is committed to living better in her own body and helping other beings do the same.

Her approach is equal parts serious and playful, innovative and classic.  She incorporates the Yoga Tune Up (R) method into her alignment based vinyasa classes and working with private clients.

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