Denitsa Lilova

Isny, Germany
YTU Training Type: 
Yoga Tune Up® Certification Training
Hips Immersion

I have always admired people and their exciting peculiarities. Working with people always triggered the best of me. Growing up in an academic family, I had to go to university and study. The only field which intrigued me the most was the science of life - Biology and above all the micro-universe: human body. Therefore I completed a Master degree in Cell biology. 

 Meanwhile inspired by my mother’s healing techniques and knowledge, I became her student and practitioner. That time, only 17 years old I entered the world of giving massage, exploring different ideas and techniques in search of the best method to treat pain and discomfort. Among the first methods I learnt and used were the Chinese reflexology and Rolfing massage.
Right after completing my university degree I opened my first studio in the capital city of Sofia where I was also organising massage courses.
Few years later I got acquainted with Buddhist philosophy and meditation and I found that Asian cultures like India, Thailand and Japan represent great inspirations in incorporating spirituality into medicine and healing arts. Followed by this idea I traveled to Thailand and spent several months studying Thai yoga massage. This practice became my main approach as it shows as one of the most holistic ways to treat the human body.
Being an expat in Germany since 2009 I learnt and developed other knowledge and technique like Osteopathy which is a perfect complement to the Thai yoga massage.
During the last couple of years I kept thinking and asking myself how I can effectively develop Body work not only for individual treatments but also for group work where people can learn how to help themselves and best approach their discomforts. Fortunately my path crossed with that of Yoga Tune Up ®, and my mind fully recognised its joy and benefits. I immediately spotted the potential and perfect fit to my own vision and practice for benefiting others. By completing Level 1 certification I am now exploring Yoga Tune Up ® every day by testing the effectiveness on myself and on all my clients.
By this very moment I fully enjoy Yoga Tune Up ® richness and potential working individually or in small groups.